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Posted 3/19/20 (Thu)

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY AND UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, THE COURTHOUSE WILL BE CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. Departmental staff will be available on limited basis during regular business hours on MONDAY through FRIDAY. Please CALL the courthouse offices/personnel you would like to do business with PRIOR to coming to the courthouse. The numbers for all courthouse personnel are shown below. This closing policy will be reviewed at every regular County Commission meeting.

McLean County Courthouse Telephone Directory

Front Desk (Main Line) - (701)462-8541

Auditor’s Office

Beth Knutson (701)462-8825

Lori Foss (701)462-8818

Nancy Leidholm (701)462-8817

Kayla Oberlander (701)462-8822

Terri Guderjahn (701)462-8541


Clerk of Court

Catherine Bailey (701)462-8829

Chris Buske (701)462-8821

Cassie Goetz (701)462-8828


DES/Risk Management/Highway

Noelle Kroll (701)462-8809


Highway Superintendent

James Grey (701)462-8802


Extension Service

Jan Hanson (701)462-8806

Calla Edwards (701)462-8808


Recorder’s Office

Heidi Anderson (701)462-8826

Lori Blotske (701)462-8824

Pandora Hummel (701)462-8827


States Attorney’s Office

Marcella Albers (701)462-8832

Karissa Rittenbach (701)462-8833


Tax Director/Veteran Services/Planning & Zoning

Todd Schreiner (701)462-8804


County Assessor

Ryan Oberg (701)462-8820


Weed Board

Vance Tomlinson (701)462-8807


Social Services

Front Desk (701)462-3581


First District Health

Pam Fisher (701)462-8814