County Offices to Be Filled in 2018

The following is a list of county elected offices to be filled in the year 2018. In each column you will also find the minimum and maximum numbers of signatures required to be obtained when filing petitions for each office.

Position Minimum Number of Signers Required on Nominating Petitions Maximum Number of Signers Required on Nominating Petitions
County Commissioner, First District 85 300 
County Commissioner, Third District 75 300
County Auditor 74 300
County Recorder 73 300
County Sheriff 87 300
County States Attorney 71 300

To file any of the above offices, state law requires that individuals file nominating petitions in office of the County Auditor with the appropriate number of signatures noted above.  Individual must also file an Affidavit of Candidacy and a Statement of Interests. All forms must be filed in the Auditor's Office by Monday, April 9, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. These forms can be downloaded by clicking on any of these next three links -- Affidavit of Candidacy (SFN 2703)Statement of Interests (SFN 10172) and Petition/Certificate of Nomination (SFN 2704). If you have any questions regarding these forms or the completion of these forms, please feel free to contact the Auditor's Office at 701-462-8818.