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Posted 11/16/21 (Tue)

Candidates Sought for County Appointed Positions


McLean County residents interested in being considered for appointments to a variety of county boards have until December 31, 2021 to submit letters of interest.


A total of 13 positions expire on December 31, 2021. The positions are listed below.


According to County Auditor Beth A. Knutson, to be eligible for consideration for appointment to any of the positions, interested individuals must submit a letter of interest for the position that includes a short background statement. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age and in some instances must reside in a specific commission district or geographical area of the county.


County Coroner: Two 5-year terms expire. The current coroners are Ben Gehring and Paul Sannes. Mr. Gehring and Mr. Sannes are eligible for reappointment. Applicants must fall under one of the following eligibility requirements:

  1. A physician licensed under chapter 43-17
  2. An advanced practice registered nurse or registered nurse licensed under chapter 43-12.1
  3. A physician assistant licensed under chapter 43-17
  4. Any other individual determined by the state forensic examiner to be qualified to serve as coroner.

McLean County Park Board: Two 3-year terms expire. The current members are Curtis Olson of Garrison, and Richard Hultberg of Garrison. Mr. Olson & Mr. Hultberg are eligible for reappointment.

McLean County Water Resource Board: One 3-year term expires. Applicants must reside in McLean County’s Third Commission District for the 3-year term. The current member is Gerard Goven of Turtle Lake. Mr. Goven is eligible for reappointment.

McLean County Weed Control Board: One 4-year term expires. The position is from the Turtle Lake area. The current member is Dalen Schaefer of Turtle Lake. Mr. Schaefer is eligible for reappointment.

McLean County School Reorganization Committee: One 3-year term expires. The current member is Renee Klabunde. Mrs. Klabunde is eligible for reappointment.

County Officials Seeking Re-Appointment:

  • Tax Director/Land Use Administrator/Veteran’s Service Officer Todd Schreiner
  • E-911 Coordinator Richard D. Johnson
  • County Highway Superintendent Jim Grey
  • Emergency Manager Noelle Kroll
  • Clerk of Court Bonnie Bohnsack


Letters of interest can be sent:


By Mail: McLean County Auditor

P.O. Box 1108

Washburn ND 58577

By Email:

By Fax: (701) 462-3542



On or before 4:30 PM on Friday, December 31, 2021.