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712 5th Avenue
Washburn North Dakota 58577
PO Box 1108
Washburn North Dakota 58577

The governing body of McLean County is the Board of Commissioners, created by state statute, county commissions may be made up of a three or five member board. The McLean County Board is a three person commission. Members are elected at-large to allow all voters of the county to cast ballots for the commission members, though they represent specific districts. Districts are nearly equal in population determined by census figures. Commission members are elected for staggered four year terms. The First and Third District members stand for election in the same year while the Second District member is elected in the off year.


Duties of The Board of Commissioners:

  • Oversees the financial affairs of the county
  • Reviews all accounts and authorizes payments
  • Procures civil actions in the name of the county
  • Buys and sells property for the county
  • Has charge of road construction and maintenance
  • Establishes voting precincts
  • Reviews property assessments and levies county taxes
  • Approves county budget 
  • Appoints county officials and board members.

When the board reviews property assessments, it serves as the County Board of Equalization. It appoints two citizens to sit with it and becomes the County Park Board. It also appoints:

  • County Representatives to Dakota Central Social Service Board
  • Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Coroner
  • Weed Board
  • Director of Disaster Emergency Services
  • E-911 Director
  • Director of Tax Equalization
  • Land Use Administrator
  • Veterans Service Officer
  • Highway Superintendent
  • County Representatives to Mercer-McLean Regional Library Board
  • County Representative to First District Health Unit Board