Voting by Mail in 2020

Download a Vote By Mail Ballot Application

Voting by mail is very easy in North Dakota. Vote by Mail ballots are available to anyone who is a qualified elector wishing to vote prior to the date of the election.

To apply for a Vote by Mail ballot an applicant must apply on the application form furnished by the proper officer of the county, city, or school district which the applicant is an elector.

Qualified electors are no longer required to provide a reason for voting by mail in North Dakota.

Domestic absentee ballots for the 2020 Primary Election are expected to be made available on April 30, 2020, while domestic absentee ballots for the 2020 General Election will be made available on September 24, 2020. Every active voter in the Central Voter File will be sent an application in advance of those dates. If you do not receive one, please choose one of the following methods to obtain an Vote by Mail Ballot Application:

The Auditor's office must have a completed application on file before we can issue a Vote by Mail ballot. If you have any questions about the Vote by Mail voting process or completing the application, please call the Auditor's office at (701) 462-8541.